About Us
I heard Dorothy Muhammad on KPFK radio describing her ability to analyze names. I was amazed of how she analyzed the names but I needed more convincing, so I called her and she described me aesthetically based on the sounds of my name and was correct. I ordered a name analysis from her some time later and she literally told me so many truthful things about myself, from my intelligence, career, life experiences and relationships. I was so pleased, I ordered a name analysis for my brother in law. I plan to continue using her services. You will not be disappointed if you order her. She is some sort of prophet and is gifted by God. Thank you , Dorothy.            Feb 2020 California

You have much wisdom in the work that you do and share in  the name analysis.... I highly recommend your services.       J. Norton- California

Thanks for devoting your time and energy to assist me in deciphering the true meaning behind my birth name.    M. Aseidua-Washington DC

I see that you put a great deal of focus and research into your work and that is to be highly respected.   B. Bell-Georgia

Thank you for the name analysis. This information takes me deeper into the understanding of my true self.    C. Williams-Arizona

​"You are gifted with deep insight, especially about sounds. I have been in travels and just getting settled… and it is now our time to merge our works".  A.D. Bey-New York

“Thank you for your name analysis report. It was very thoughtful and full of insights. I am sure it will help me to be a better person. I appreciate the hard work that went into compiling your analysis. It seems to have an uncanny accuracy that I did not expect. I will have to study it further. I look forward to talking to you further about it”.  M. Peters -Washington DC.

“When you taught me that there were letters in my name that mean nurse, I was totally blown away because I have been a registered nurse for twenty-five years” !   Wow, I am learning that it is never too late to learn something about yourself".  E. Mays- TN

"You did a phenomenal job on analyzing the names of my twins. How did you know that one of them would have to stay away from dairy products to control asthma? Anyway, I will definitely teach them about their names as they continue to grow".  J. Jennings- Oregon

"Namaste,  truly sister you are a channel and a scribe. Keep holding the torch and standard. We would love to have you debut and share ancient wisdom in our sacred retreats. Your spiritual gifts can spark an awakened awareness in self. Love works......Give thanks N. Elohim-Colorado



What is a Name Analysis?  
A name analysis is a breaking up of a name into its parts.  It is based on the principle of identifying sound vibrations and examining them to find out their nature, interrelationship, associated ideas and thoughts. 

What is the purpose of a  Name Analysis?
Our purpose is to help us learn basic information about our names and activate us to a higher awareness and knowledge about them. Specifically,  out intention is to present  a view that will enlighten you about the sound vibrations in your name and how they influence your  thinking, your personal choices, your surroundings and your friends.

Is a Name Analysis a Prediction or a Forecast?
Emphatically No!  It is an analysis of  thought ( sound) vibrations that are emitted into  the  atmosphere  aka  (your surroundings) every time your name is spoken.  If the sound vibration in your mind is strong enough, it will manifest on a physical level       ( discernable to the five senses).

Who will the Name Analysis Benefit?
You can benefit from the  Name Analysis if you constructively use the information that it contains.   You have immense power to determine  what you want to happen in your life. 

Bottom-line....The Name Analysis will greatly benefit those who are on a path of  SELF IMPROVEMENT.  The information inside of it   can be used as a tool  of self analysis and self examination.   If there are many negative vibrations  present in your name, you can use that information as a hammer for action and self-correction.   That choice is solely up to you.