This Life Long Learner recently returned to Mississippi, the place of my birth. Wow! I feel like Dorothy traveling the Yellow Brick Road and finding her way back home. Anyway, it feels absolutely awesome to be at home again and reflecting on my beginning as I walk steps to a new beginning. I was thinking what name to call this blog and it occurred to me to call it “ I TEACH YOU ABOUT YOUR NAME” because now I am living my life’s passion of analyzing sounds. Deep down, amid all of the chaos of this world, we can find our healing in sounds. Let me begin.  

  ‘WHAT’S IN A NAME?” Every Name has sounds inside of it. The purpose of this Blog is to explore the wonderful world of sounds in names. There is so much more to life than paying bills and living from check to check. There is so much more to life than living a life of “ drama” everyday. So what am I saying? Just think the sounds in your name have been with you since your parents called out your name. The sounds that stay on our mind shape our reality. Do you know any people who constantly talk about paying bills and waiting on a check? Why? It is because those are the dominating thoughts that fill the sounds of their minds. As a result, they find themselves struggling with finances. Let us stop right now take a deep breath. Inhale…exhale… It is time that you begin to understand the nature of the sounds in your name and how you can use the sounds in your name to improve your reality. How so? Take time and think about how you describe yourself. One thing for sure your name describes you. Have you ever thought about how the sounds in your name shape your reality and perception of yourself? So let us start with the four letters that make up the word, N A M E . We will explore some sounds inside of the word “Name.” Can we find any sounds inside of the word “name” that give us some clues about how you describe yourself?  

The word name contains the words "am" and "me".  Many times when you describe some characteristic of yourself, your might use the word "am" in your description. For example, you might say,  " I am intelligent or "I am funny".  There may be times when some one might ask you a question and you might respond with a question, " Are you talking to me"?. So what is my point?  Your name describes you, especially some of your attributes that make up your personality.  Guess what? there is another sound inside of the word name. It is the sound of " ame which sounds like " aim".   That means sometimes  names tells us about your aims.  That is why it is always good to  set aims and goals for yourself that will keep you focused.